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Submit poems (less than 20 lines) or prose (less than 300 words) to

The Submission Window will be closed until at least 2024.

First issue out October 11, 2022!

Melt our faces off. Evocate. Seduce. Catch us off guard with your authenticity or compelling artifice.

General strategy: Poetry, anti-poetry, sub-poetry; Very short stories (i.e. flash or micro fiction); memories, hauntings; proletarian lit, working class lit; surrealist tracts; crime fiction; speculative visions; how-to manuals; broken teeth spit into the face of power.

Jargon: liminal; K-mart realism; post-apocalypse; anti-authoritarian.

I will pay you $5 on paypal if I publish your work. 

It will be published online & also in a zine that I will poorly & hastily distribute in greater Albuquerque, NM

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